Our location shares the Lions Hall on 1100 Main Street.
We are organizing more Outreach programs for kids and infants aged 0-12. 
With your help and donations we can offer MORE. 
Some of our forms are being revamped and some updated photos need to be taken.
Thank you for your patience!

You can do your membership online now!
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"We Stand Together Valemount B.C."

Become a member for $7 every March!

Bring your kids to the centre to enjoy the play area and check out our book exchange!
Also, become a member to sign your child(ren) up for any of our school closure programs! 
Summer Camp is right around the corner!

Check out the Family Centre page for more!

Thanks to all our members and supporters for donating clothing, toys!

A huge thank you to our volunteer helpers!

We appreciate any possible volunteer help, maintenance and/or donations.
Let us know if you can help! 

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Enjoy Our Huge, Free, Family-friendly space!

Your Kids Will Enjoy The Learn and Play Area
What about all our books?! 
Take or exchange!
Just come sit and read!

We Also Run Child Outreach Programs For Ages 6-12.
Including summer camps and after school programing.

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